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  The EASI model 1-AEC and 2-AEC Air/Electronic Converter are intended to operate with any
Electronic Column or Electronic Gaging System with half bridge, full bridge, or LVDT inputs.

The model 1-AEC is a single outlet unit used to measure inside and outside diameter, length, depth,

The model 2-AEC is a dual outlet unit used to make complex differential measurements such as:
center distance, squareness, parallelism, concentricity, ovality, etc.

Their solid state construction eliminates moving parts such as bellows, plungers, and pivots
which introduce friction and play resulting in poor repeatability and reliability.  The innovative
pneumatic circuit module provides accurate measurements in spite of air pressure variations at the
input. It also removes the risk of internal air leaks affecting measurement accuracy.
EASI model 1-AEC
(Patented 1984)
Response: Less than .1 second
Linearity: Better Than .2 %BSL
Temperature Compensation: 32°-122°F
Repeatability: Within 10 Millionth of an inch
Input Air: 60 to 150 PSIG
Output Signal:
     1mv/v/psi (Half Bridge)
     1.6mv/v/psi (LVDT)
     Impedance 500Ω (1Khz to 10Khz)
 Enclosure Dimension: 3.2"H x 6.0"D x 1.875"W (81mm x 152mm x 48mm)
 Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 Kg)