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EASI Air Electroic Column
The new generation of Air Electronic Converter incorporated in this Column provides extended
linear measurement ranges (.020" for diameter, .010" for single jet and up to .250" with our Gauging
Cartridges).   Measurements can be displayed with a resolution of one millionth of an inch and
transmitted to a network for further analysis via RS 485 (Modbus protocol).
By not using the "back pressure" approach, the new D-AEC provides a constant pressure at the
measuring nozzle(s) eliminating all fixed and adjustable orifices which are a major problem in Air
Gauging.   Because the new D-AEC is
totally linear from zero clearance to full scale, the tooling
need not be complex as in the "back pressure" systems.   The only exemption would be for the
measuring of blind bores where grooves for air escape might be necessary.
The plug diameter should be .002" less than the minimum tolerance and, if measured accurately, will
be the low end of the measurement range.  By pinching the tubing to the plug simulates a zero
clearance measurement and entering its dimension in the system provides the first calibration point.
Then placing the plug in the MAX Master and entering its dimension in the system completes the

Fully programmable Bar Graph, digital readout and limits

In-process gauging and control

0 to 10 VDC and 4-20mA outputs

RS 485 (Mod Bus protocol)

2 and 4 alarms w/relay outputs

TIR measurements

Dual or quad Air Columns for multiple measurements available