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New (patented) Air Gauging made EASI

With all the advantages

Linear measurements from zero clearance to .010" single jet (.020" for diameter).

Operates from 10 PSI for small clearances to 50 PSI or more for larger clearances.

Measurements can be made with short burst of air to save compressed air.

Only one MAX Master needed, the Plug diameter is the MIN Master.

Simplified tooling design and machining (
no undercuts necessary).

Basic model operates from 10-24VDC and outputs a 0 to 10VDC signal.

Pulse Width Modulated output is included in the basic model.

And none of the problems of existing gaging systems

No adjustments that could confuse the operator or be tampered with.

No precision or adjustable orifices that could get clogged.

No bleed or balancing circuit to waist compressed air.

Negligible pressure drop in the measuring circuit.

No need for precise regulation.

No moving parts.

Models are available to provide a direct replacement for our 1-AEC..

Customer inputs are welcome on that subject and/or any suggestions on our products.

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New Model D-AEC
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