Repeatable linear measurements from 0 to .010" single jet, .020"for diameter.

    Simplified tooling design and manufacturing (no jet recession or grooves)
    No bleed or balancing circuit decreases the air consumption by a factor of six.
    No adjustments that could get changed or confuse the operator.
    Only one master needed, the tool diameter is the other master.
    No precision or adjustable orifices that could get clogged.
    Minimal pressure drop in the measuring circuit.
    No need for precise pressure regulation.
    No moving parts.

The D-AEC operates from 10 to 24VDC and outputs a 0 to 10 volt signal.
Other models compatible with LVDT or Half Bridge input systems as well as
an Air Electronic Column with Bar-graph and digital readouts are available.

    Additional options include 2 and 4 Alarms with outputs,
    4-20mA output, RS485 (Modbus protocol).

    Mike Dechape
          President  &  Inventor     
1516 USA
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